Clifton House,
Scotland. IV12 4HW.

Clifton House was build in 1873 by Provost Leslie, the then
provost of Nairn. J. Gordon Macintyre has lived all his life
in this house and ran it as a hotel from 1952 until 2002,
with distinctions in The Good Food Guide since the late
sixties. In 2002 Gordon and Muriel decided on a dramatic
and specific course of action. The property was divided into
three houses, with the front door, the cellar and the music
room being retained, so in actual fact Gordon goes in and
out of the front door which he has used for the last seventy
odd years and recitals and concerts are still held. There are
a few rooms and guests are still welcome but only on a dinner,
room and breakfast basis: a true 'tabled'hote' with
the food as good as ever, the flowers as profuse and the
silver still silver. Each evening is an intimate private dinner
party in an extremely well run household.

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Telephone 01667 453119
Fax 01667 452836

Clifton House, Nairn, Scotland.